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Mag Pellets

Mag Pellets

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MAG® Pellets

MAG® performs better and is safer and kinder to the environment. Its secret is Total Ice Control. As old as the Dead Sea.

  • Magnesium Chloride freezes (22% solution) at -27°F and melts effectively down to -13°F, well below most ice melters.
  • Safer for the environment because its chloride content is lower than competitive products by at least a full third.
  • Less corrosive on metal than virtually all common ice melters.
  • Results in 26 times less spalling on concrete than calcium chloride or sodium chloride.
  • Less toxic than even baking soda or common table salt.
  • Safer to use around vegetation, plants, pets and, most importantly, people.
  • Much less irritating to the skin than other ice melters.
  • Does not leave an oily film or dry powder residue.
  • Extracted from the Dead Sea by natural evaporation of sea water and an environmentally friendly refinement process.

Per bag (50 lbs).

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Weight50 lbs
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