Premium Landscape Mulch

Our high quality bulk landscape mulches are available for pickup or delivery. We carry a large selection of hardwood, shredded cedar, rubber, playground, as well as premium colored mulches. Stop in today to see for yourself.

Colored Landscape Mulches

Most noteworthy, we make nearly all of our own bulk colored landscape mulches onsite! More importantly, our premium custom mixture retains it’s color longer, in contrast to our competitors. Why? Because we use higher quality, more expensive dye in our manufacturing and recycling process. Our reds, blacks and browns make for darker and richer colored mulches. Quality matters to us. It always has. Environmentally friendly, always in stock and available for pickup or delivery.

We Only Carry The Best Mulch!

Don’t settle for poor quality service or product. Buying your landscape mulch in bags, from the big box retailers, you pay much more and the product will not be as fresh as ours! It’s been sitting in steamy, sealed bags, stacked up and compressed on forklift pallets. Rather, we choose to only sell the best quality freshest mulch available. If you’re searching for ‘mulch near me’, you’ve come to the right place, as Suburban Landscape Supply has the very best quality landscape products available and they are always in stock.

Don’t Over Do It! Too Much Is Not Good For Your Plants

Due to the fact that we only use quality ingredients, our landscape mulches slowly decompose, enriching your soil, helping to hold in the moisture and also helping to protect your plant’s root structure from the summer’s heat. It’s important to remember, 3″ of mulch is plenty—Don’t over due it. Too much, can in fact harm your plants and trees! Furthermore, don’t let the mulch get too deep around the trunk of your trees or shrubs. If you have any questions, please call us (248) 960-4000 and speak with one of our friendly team members, or securely order online 24/7.


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